Why Pray Psalm 67?

If it is not clear from the title of this website, our hoped-for prayer is that CHAD would be GLAD.  “Let Chad Be Glad” is less a catchy slogan and much more a heartfelt biblically rooted plea to God, that Chadians would increasingly find reason to “sing for joy” and “be glad,” in response to the gracious God who has saved them.
As Psalm 67:4 says,
“Let the nations be glad and sing for joy”
Thus, we pray,
“Let Chad be glad!”
We are simply taking the psalmist’s admonition to pray, and then applying it to one of those nations. 


Therefore, as you continue to pray for Chad please take time to read Psalm 67 again.  From within this short chapter God not only supplies us with how to pray for Chad, nor does he only give us why to pray for Chad, but he even offers to us what the outcome will be when we do.  Each answer is surprisingly rich.
Over the next few updates, we not only want to give you things to pray for, but we also want to help provide you with the fuel to pray well.  We’ll look at Psalm 67 more closely to do so.

Prayer Points: 


- Start by making Psalm 67 your prayer for Chad, its leaders and the many unreached peoples.


- Pray for our Chadian brothers who have come to Christ in recent years.  Some have left Chad, some are in hiding right now and each one is faced with counting the costs of identifying with our Savior.

- Some laborers in a village have begun meeting with some local Moms in order to share basic health info concerning caring for one’s baby while also sharing stories in Arabic from the Old Testament.  Pray for one woman who showed great interest in hearing more stories from the Bible.  And, pray for those who are learning to share them in Arabic.


- Pray for endurance and resilience for workers as they each engage Chadians in conversations about their faith in God, how to become clean, why we pray, assurance, and who God is.  There is a mixture of joy and stress that comes from it.


- Pray for several workers who are in the US temporarily for births, surgeries, recuperation time and home assignments.