Muslims throughout Chad are choosing a life of joy in Christ.

Read stories of their transformed lives. 

Ahmed's Story

Ahmed was seven when he went to live with a Muslim teacher hoping to become an Imam. He spent his time learning to read and write Arabic, reading the Qu'ran, and begging in the streets to support himself and the mosque.  


At the Imam's school, he had a dream. Ahmed dreamed he became a follower of Jesus, and his father came after him with a spear to kill him. Suddenly, he sprouted eagles wings and flew to the top of a mountain. He had this dream multiple times. Eventually, he told his older brother.


Over dinner, his brother told their father about Ahmed's dreams. "Your dreams are right." His father said. "If you become a Christian and I'm still alive, the only way you'll escape me killing you is to sprout wings." Ahmed was not a Christian and was at peace with his family. He left home and went from town to town, looking for work as a shepherd.


Several years later, while shepherding a believers flock, he began having dreams again. This time they were more specific. A man came to him and told him, "Allah so loved the world that he sent his only Son that whoever believes in him will not find judgment but will receive eternal life." Then he dreamed again. The man said, "Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one will come to Allah except through him."


Confused, Ahmed went to his boss and asked to go to church. His boss warned him that if he followed Jesus, his family and friends would reject him, but he said he must go. They prayed together, and Ahmed submitted his life to Christ.


Other Stories


A local believer is being used by the Lord in amazing ways. He leads several Bible studies with hundreds of people each week. When facing extreme persecution, the Lord told him in a vision "..this trial will pass. I am using it to prepare you. I have wonderful plans for you in the future. Be patient."

"Jesus opened the door for me!"

A young child became a believer after having dreams and visions of Jesus. His extended family held him captive in a locked room, until the Lord opened the door for him to escape and return to his mother. 

After receiving a beating for his outspoken faith, a young believer proclaims, "I will keep sharing the good news. And I am not afraid at all!" He shares stories of his faith with men he meets everywhere.

"Mom! Do you see Jesus? He's sitting there holding a shepherd staff, wearing a medallion!" a 4-year-old boy proclaimed one night. His testimony has led many to faith in Christ. 

After experiencing  freedom from a lifetime of unforgiveness and strongholds of anger, a Muslim-background-believer said "I never knew that being a Christian could feel like this!" 

When urged by family members to turn back to Islam, a young believer says I will never go back to walking in the sewer, because now I am walking on the good road.

These are just a few examples of how God is drawing the Muslim peoples of Chad to himself.  

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