Praying Like Paul for Chad

Without a doubt, the apostle Paul was unique.  He was a tent-making Pharisee, a missionary theologian, a seasoned traveler, an oft-beaten sailor, a Scripture-writing prisoner, a church-loving member, a fearless preacher, a death-defying servant and a scar-displaying saint.  What better man to imitate than God’s chosen instrument to the nations!  


What may not be as obvious to us, probably because it is so abundantly clear in his letters, is that Paul was also relentless in prayer and given to encouraging the churches to pray “constantly” (Rom. 12:2), “always” (Phil. 1:3), “without ceasing” (Rom. 1:8), “at all times” (Eph. 6:18), “about everything” (Phil. 4:6), “steadfastly” (Col. 4:2), “earnestly” (1 Thess. 3:9-13), and “in every circumstance” (1 Thess. 5:18).

 If Paul had a prayer motto it might resemble this:


    pray with ALL confidence
         at ALL times,
          in ALL places,
 about ALL things
       for ALL people
              to the ALL-sufficient One


We, at Let Chad Be Glad, desire to foster prayer, period, but especially for the nation of Chad.  If we can encourage you to pray for Chad, give you reason to do so and help provide some of the desire to do it well, then we believe that our labor will not be in vain and Chad will gain in Christ-loving gladness.
Over the next few updates, we hope you can glean from the prayers of Paul so that you might be greater encouraged to pray Let Chad Be Glad, ALL the more often. 

Prayer Points: 


- Discouragement, disappointment and failed plans seem to be the norm in Chad.  Please pray for those who serve there that God will give them perseverance in and through cancelled travel initiatives, unforeseen obstacles and ministry opportunities that do not work out as hoped for.


- Pray for the Lord’s protection over the children of those who serve in Chad.  Freak accidents and the enemy’s deceptive lies are not uncommon.  Most recently, pray for one family who had a rough start back in country due to an unforeseen hazard.


- Births, weddings, burials, and parties, including naming ceremonies and circumcisions are all the craze in Chad.  Each one has been, and is, an opportunity not only for workers to learn culture, grow in language, but also to gain access to otherwise unreachable peoples.  Pray for their gospel witness at these important cultural events.


- Pray for groups of both Chadian women and men in Chad who have believed but need discipleship and shepherding.  One women’s group hopes to meet soon to study more about God’s presence.  Other men are studying about Christ and his work.  Please pray for them and those leading them.


- Pray for workers who are in preparation to return to Chad and for those who have recently left.  The stream of comings and goings are endless like the waves of the sea.  Each transition is hard.  Pray for their endurance.