Psalm 67: What Do We Want Chadians to Know? 

This is now our 3rd plea to pray for Chad using Psalm 67.  Did you realize Psalm 67 has so much to offer as fodder for your prayers for Chad? Clearly, Psalm 67 leads us to pray and cry out for the nations to experience joy and gladness and be overcome with praise.

But what must the nations know in order to invoke such responses of praise-filled worship?


The answer is bundled up in what God has done. God has acted and the results of those actions cannot help but be responded to in praise.


According to Psalm 67, praise among the nations results from knowing:

God’s way and power in salvation (v.2) - Savior

God’s rule exhibited in his righteousness (v. 4b) - King

God’s guidance for the nations on earth (v. 4c) - Shepherd


In a nutshell, the nations’ praise and joy springs forth from knowing that a great Savior, King, and Shepherd governs rightly all things even to the point of extending his blessing and salvation to undeserving nations outside of Israel (i.e. Chad). These truths find their culmination in Jesus Christ. This is good news.
And Chadians need to know about this good news, but here’s the clincher………


“The good news is only good news if it gets there on time.”
Carl. F. Henry

We are compelled to then ask, “Is it getting there on time?”  Below are three reasons why we would answer, “No, not sufficiently.”


Three Reasons Why Chad Needs Our Prayers 


1. 3rd highest amount of un-reached peoples in Africa (acc. to Joshua Project)

Sudan – 131
Nigeria – 83
Chad- 80

 The highest density of unreached peoples in Africa stretch along the southern portion of the Sahara directly through Chad.

Red dots- unreached
Green dots- reached





2. The greatest Gospel needs in Africa, receive smallest amounts of missionaries


The purple areas receive the highest volume of missionaries sent…










3. The greatest Physical Needs in Africa, receive the smallest amount of resources and funding. 


The green areas receive the majority of mission giving…



What Does This Mean for Chad?


It means that the places in Africa that have the greatest physical and spiritual needs receive the fewest missionaries and least amount of mission funding from our churches and parachurch sending agencies.
 Therefore, countries like Chad have the least amount of opportunity to rejoice and be glad in the truths of Psalm 67.
Please Pray!
This must change!  Not because Chad is worthy of this good news of salvation.  No one is.  But God is worthy of the praise that is given to him as a result of it being made known to the peoples.  Thus, his power in salvation that leads to the nations’ gladness and joy is worth the labor of bearing it to the ends of the earth.
Would you please continue to labor with us to see that Chadians hear about it? Would you continue to pray Psalm 67 with us, accordingly, Let Chad Be Glad!